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Welcome to my archive of tales involving people of the furred variety ending up in tight, squishy places. I have galleries in a few different places, but this is where I'll always upload my furry vore stories first. If you're under 18, please leave immedietely!

Wolf O'Donnel looking very unhappy inside of a messy stomach.

Art drawn by Cane. Click the image for the full version!

Updated on 2020-12-11: Made the site worse, I added Google Analytics! Don't worry, just keeping it here for a few days while I figure out where the fuck you all are still coming from. Wait for me to remove it or get uBlock or Brave or something.

Updated on 2020-07-26: Made shitty ad less shitty. Maybe I'll actually write again, who knows?

Updated on 2019-11-07: Added Party Pooper to the story archive.

Updated on 2019-10-01: Added Krystal digesting some annoying bird at the artwork page..

Updated on 2019-09-22: Added some actual vore art to the artwork page..

Updated on 2019-05-27: Added Housecall Chapter Four to the story archive.

Updated on 2019-05-20: Added Housecall Chapter Three to the story archive.

Updated on 2019-05-13: Added Housecall Chapter Two to the story archive.

Updated on 2019-05-12: Added Housecall Chapter One to the story archive.

Updated on 2019-05-11: CSS is for wimps.

Updated on 2019-05-08: Added Stranded to the story archive.

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