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Housecall: Chapter Four

By Foxgut

Contains: F/F Vore, Willing Prey, Object Swallowing & Passing, Endo, Full Tour

This story contains a character and illustrations by Kitnip! Be sure to check out his gallery.

This is part 4 of a series! If you haven't seen the first three parts, click here to start your journey.

Marble awoke with a start sometime in the early morning, clutching her pained belly. She was able to sleep through most of the sharp sensations throughout the night, but the blockage in her intestines had shifted yet again. The husky looked down at the light pink, slightly lumpy fur in her middle, before checking the time. It was still early, but she may as well get up and begin her day...

Serephina remained fast asleep as Marble got up and began to make coffee. As she waited for the pot to fill, she glanced at her bowl of marbles. She didn't hesitate to pick two of them up sliding them past her lips before gulping. She could just feel the glass orbs as they slid down her neck, and through her chest. One squeezing into her belly, before the other promptly followed and hit it with a soft clack. Soon after she began to sip her coffee, still thinking about the vixen in her belly.

Marble had decided to be a bit active today as well, though she didn't go for a swim. Instead once she was done with her coffee, she slid on her tight back shorts and matching sport top, and left to go on a jog. She felt a small bit of pain whenever her feet hit the ground, though it was mild enough to ignore. The bouncing would soon awaken the nurse in her intestines though...

Serephina yawned and stretched as best as she could manage in the tight space. She checked the timer on her belly, seeing it now read 26 hours. “Little over a third of the way there...” The fox was pleasantly surprised with the odor – or lack thereof. Normally when she was this far into somebody's bowels, she would begin to pick up on a particular smell... But now she'd have no trouble downing some of her rations. She reached into her backpack, pulling out a can of applesauce, and a bottle of water. Not exactly the most appealing meal, but it'd get her by for the moment. For a moment she wondered how they managed to get the cans and bottles that small, before beginning to have her breakfast.

Marble would stay outside for a bit over an hour, alternating between jogging and a brisk walk every so often. At some point she became aware of Serephina's movements. She had no way to communicate, as she left the stethoscope back home, but she was happy to feel the nurse up and about again. When she returned home she would mostly laze about. The pain was beginning to become worse again, so she started trying to avoid unnecessary movement until it subsided.

Serephina would similarly relax, turning on her headlamp and beginning to read through some of the laminated entertainment that had been packed for her. Whoever organized the pack seemed to have a thing for classic poetry, and stuck many pages of it inside. It wasn't the most engaging thing to her, but it was welcome for whenever she needed something a bit more engaging than the seemingly endless intestines. As much as she enjoyed her job and the digestive system, being pushed through a tube for days on end could get a bit boring!

The morning would turn to afternoon as the two sat. Marble once got up to make some food, and Serephina encountered a couple of mini dice to dislodge, but otherwise the two remained inactive for much of the afternoon as well. Marble had stopped keeping track of where the vixen was in her bowels, not even noticing as she got closer, and closer to the painful lump. Serephina was staring at one of the laminated pages when she felt the tight grip of the intestines suddenly loosen, letting her into a wider area. She glanced down at the timer. “37 hours... I can't be in the colon already, can I?” She looked forward, and gasped.

She had finally found the source of the blockage. A keyring containing at least a dozen keys, stuck holding the intestine stretched to five times its normal width. Several objects were stuck behind it as well. Marbles, another toy car, a couple of flash drives, and an 8 ball – Not the novelty variety, but what appeared to be a normal one from a pool table. “Oh my god...” She muttered, beginning to stand, and being shocked to find she could actually stand in the small intestines! No wonder the poor husky was in pain... She was amazed a tear hadn't happened long ago. She began to move forward, to try and push past the other objects to access the main blockage.

As Serephina jostled the keyring, Marble yelped in pain! She tried to figure out where the nurse was, only to realize the tingle of her fur and the pain of the blockage seemed to be in the same place. She quickly reached over for the stethoscope, putting it on, and pressing twice into her belly.

“H-hey, I found the blockage... It's good I got here when I did.” She reached into her pack, looking around at what was inside. “I think I can fix this, but you're going to need to be still, even though it might hurt a lot. Okay?” She felt one press in response, before getting to work.

She pulled a small blade out of her bag, almost like a saw. She knew the only way she could get this mess to move forward was to get all of those keys unbunched from the ring. Marble felt a twinge of pain as the nurse braced herself on the keyring, and began to saw the bottom. She tried her best to keep the bunch from moving, but it would inevitably get pushed around a bit, the various sharp bits poking deeper into the flesh that was already stretched to the limit. It took nearly five minutes, but she managed to make the first cut!

Serephina quickly moved to begin cutting the top of the ring. Not only was it further away, but the blade was considerably dulled from making the first cut. She felt her arms getting tired from moving it back and forth, and could hear the husky whimper with each movement. But she pressed forward, slowly working through the metal, until...

The moment she made the second cut, the fanned out keys collapsed in on themselves, freed from the ring. Marble gasped, and sighed as she felt the relief of her intestines no longer being stretched. Her gut rumbled as the mass of keys, and other objects behind them were finally allowed to begin passing deeper. She felt the tickle of the fox being pushed along as well, and began rubbing her belly. Deeply kneading her fingers over Serephina, doing her best to show her appreciation to the nurse.

Serephina sighed and panted, relaxing as she was inched through the bowels. Being trapped between keys and a pool ball was a bit uncomfortable, but she was just relieved to have finally done her job. When she had the energy she would squirm back a bit, letting the mass of objects pass her by. Hopefully they'd go the rest of the way... but if they got stuck again, she'd be in the best position to take care of it.

From that point forward, Marble felt no more pain. She decided to celebrate with a little indulgence, going to grab the biggest handful of marbles that she could, and swallowing them with one giant gulp! Serephina could hear the loud clacking above as they all poured into the stomach. Normally she'd want to lecture someone for doing such a thing right after she fixed the last problem... But as long as she wasn't swallowing any more keyrings, the vixen was confident the digestive system would be able to handle it all just fine.

The evening turned to night, and soon Marble was ready for bed once again. Before she fell asleep, she would gently press twice into her belly, awaiting the vixen's response as she listened with the stethoscope.

“I'm about ready to sleep I think...” Serephina said before yawning. “I'm doing well though. And, it looks like your belly is too~” Already the fox began to close her eyes. “I'll rest easy knowing my job is done... I encourage you to do the same.” Marble smiled, taking the stethoscope off and shutting her eyes.

Before long Marble was resting soundly, with Serephina soon following. Now that she was relieved of the discomfort and pressure in her abdomen, the husky was finally granted the deep and full sleep that she had been denied for the past few nights. The night came and went as the husky rested soundly... As did the next morning. Her gastrointestinal tract continued working hard to push everything deeper, still inching Serephina along as constantly as it ever did. A particularly deep rumble sounded as the various objects that used to make up the blockage began to push into the colon. Shoving air around and becoming a bit mixed up, though never getting close to being stuck. The sounds wouldn't be enough to awaken Serephina however. Neither would being pushed into the large intestines herself.

The night came and went as the two slept. In fact, the morning would come and go as well. It wasn't until the middle of the afternoon that Marble would finally awaken. Feeling well rested, the husky slowly sat up to stretch. She looked down to her belly, placing a hand over the bulge. It had moved quite a bit, and was now a bit more spread out. Most importantly, she felt no discomfort, even as she gently pressed into it. Just behind the lump she suddenly felt a tingle.

Her movements had stirred the vixen from her sleep. She yawned and stretched as much as she could manage... which was quite a bit more than yesterday morning! The space she was in felt roomier, and she realized she must be in her patient's colon. She looked to the timer on her belt, and saw that it read 60 hours on the dot. That meant she was close to the end! But it felt like a lot more time had passed than normal. She did the math in her head from when she was first swallowed the other morning...

“Did you sleep in until the afternoon?” Serephina asked, even though Marble had no way of hearing her. She laughed and sighed, as she felt more movements from the husky standing up and beginning to walk around. “Well, I'm happy you had a good rest~ You deserved it.”

The vixen decided to try squirming ahead a bit, seeing as she seemed near the end. She was held by the vertically aligned ascending colon, that worked to very slowly – even more slowly than the small intestines – push her forward. When she moved around however, she found the walls seemed to lose their grip, leaving her to fend against gravity on her own. She quickly lost what progress had been made through the large intestine, winding up back at the sphincter sealing off the small intestines. At least she only sank a couple of inches or so.

Marble was busy texting some of her friends, inviting them to come over later in the night. She decided getting her insides back to working order was something worth a small celebration! She knew Serephina was getting close to the end, but wasn't exactly sure when she'd be ready to come out. Though she had felt her moving around, it had also been a while since she checked up... She found the stethoscope, and pressed her belly twice to signal the tiny fox within.

“Hello, sleepy head~” Serephina teased. “I'm in your colon now... It's hard to say exactly how much longer it'll take before I'm at the end, but I know I'm close. And...” She hesitated a bit, not sure if her next comment might come off as unprofessional. “And... I have to say, your insides have been lovely. My favorite out of any patient I've been inside of so far~” She blushed a bit. “I-If you ever need any help again... I would be more than happy to come assist.” Marble seemed to appreciate the nurse's words, gently rubbing over her belly in response.

Marble sat looking at her own belly for another moment, before getting up and beginning to prepare. She was only going to have a few friends over, but still spent quite a bit of time making sure her home was neat and tidy. She prepared a few bowls of snacks – more regular snacks that is – to put on the coffee table next to a bowl filled with glass beads. Some of the people that came by regularly might notice that bowl seemed just a bit emptier every time they came...

Serephina was busy working on one of the crosswords that was in her bag. She got through it pretty quickly however, realizing it was the same one that had been packed for her on her last trip through someone's body. She was just about done when she felt something solid touch her feet. She looked down below, to see something narrow and black that had caught up with her. The fox soon recognized it as the phone that she had passed by earlier!

Marble's colon seemed better at passing inanimate objects than it did a living vixen such as herself. The phone had not only caught up to her, but it even helped her to push through, ever so slightly faster. After some time, her head hit a ceiling. She twisted around until she could see the path forward, where the large intestine took a sharp horizontal turn. Over time she was eased around the bend, and finally able to lay flat again, as she had for much of the trip through the small intestines. The wide metal and glass slab behind her was able to make the corner as well, still slowly pushing her along... However, Serephina decided to shift, and allow it to begin passing over her. It might delay her exit a bit, but she decided that it was safer to come out after all of the other items, rather than be stuck in the middle of them. Though, it would feel rather strange to be sandwiched between the soft squishy flesh of the bowels, and the solid, slippery glass above.

It was the evening when the first of the husky's friends arrived. Serephina could hear an unfamiliar voice from outside, though she couldn't quite understand what it was saying. She did her best to listen outward, when she felt another solid object bump her feet. She looked down, and shrieked when she saw a shark's face!

In just a moment, she realized the shark was fake. She blushed, embarrassed but thankful that nobody was around to see her get scared of a small toy. She would do her best to brace herself again, trying to hold still so the object could begin to pass her. At some point she heard another distinct voice from the outside in addition to the first, and then yet another. She realized that the husky must've had some friends over! Though before long those voices would mostly go quiet, replaced with some that were even quieter and harder to make out, as they all sat down to watch a movie.

Marble's gut gently rumbled as it pushed everything forward. Everything that made up the blockage, along with the phone, shark toy, and a few other smaller bits and pieces were on the final bend of the colon. Serephina herself would soon round the final corner, facing downwards, almost directly towards the exit. Everything was slowly sliding into her rectum, though she didn't pay much mind as she focused on the movie. Though at some point Serephina felt the urge to move around a bit, to keep her muscles from cramping. When she squirmed while moving up in the colon it sent her back a bit, but here, it would cause her to drop forward and down. She bumped the tailfin of the shark toy, pushing everything forward by about an inch... Quickly filling the husky's rectum to capacity.

Marble gasped as she felt the sudden and quite intense urge to relieve herself. She clenched and looked down to her own belly, as it let out a loud rumble that the friends around her could hear... She jumped up, rushing to her bedroom and shutting the door behind her.

She took a pillow off the bed and placed it on the ground, before sliding her shorts and panties off, lifting her tail and squatting. She kept her tailhole clenched tightly, trying to make sure she was as close to the pillow as possible before letting the nurse and everything else out. She pressed her belly twice, to alert Serephina that something was about to happen... Though she was already very much aware.

A sketch of Marble looking distressed as her belly gurgles.

The husky relaxed, finally beginning the process of letting everything out. Her anus quivered, before beginning to flex to reveal a very slimy 8 ball. It slowly inched out of her backside, before quickly sliding the rest of the way out with a *schlurp* after it reached its widest point. Next came a key... And then another, and then another, each covered in slime and landing with a very small clank.

There were around a dozen keys on that ring, and each had to come out one by one. Occasionally they were inter-spaced with other things she needed to pass however. A couple of flash drives slid right through her tailhole, one by one to land in the pile. A couple of marbles pushed through, rolling off to the side. That toy car made her shudder a bit as it passed through the sensitive flesh, before plunking down with the rest of the junk.

Soon the last of the former blockage had been expelled from her bowels, but she wasn't done yet. It took a few seconds, but soon the pucker beneath her tail began to expand again, this time to allow the phone passage. It took several seconds for it to stretch around the bottom of the phone, but after that point it only took a second more for it to slide through. She expected the vixen to come next, but instead she felt something round and plastic begin to push through her anus. She looked down to see the toy shark. Hadn't she eaten that after Serephina? She began to worry a bit... But just then, she felt a tickle in her tailhole.

A view from inside of Marble's rectum, facing her tightly shut tailhole

Serephina squinted as she saw a pinhole of light below her, that began to expand as her head was pushed through. Slowly, the shrunken vixen emerged from Marble's butt. Soaked in slime, but otherwise no worse for the wear. Her shoulders started to push the tight ring of flesh, before the husky suddenly clenched and pulled her back in! She realized she didn't want to push the fox out on all that junk she just pooped out, and so she grabbed the pillow to flip it over, sending the objects onto the floor instead. Then she relaxed her anus again, letting that fuzzy head, and shoulders slide out. Her entire body soon passing through Marble's rump, and landing softly on the pillow. After nearly three days, she was finally out.

Serephina took a deep breath of fresh air as she looked around, her vision slowly adjusting. She looked up, blushing to see Marble's beautiful pink and white butt looming over her for another few seconds. Looking away as the husky turned around, reaching to gently pick her up. After being stuck in such cramped quarters for so long, being lifted off the ground was a bit dizzying. She found herself near eye level with the husky as she eyed her over, seeming to check that she was okay.

“It took a while to go through, but I'm feeling perfectly okay! … maybe a little pooped though~” Marble snickered at the bad pun, before sitting down on the bed. She grabbed a nearby handtowel to wipe the slime off of Serephina, before gently hugging her to that fuzzy belly. “Oh, do you have the...” Serephina didn't even have to finish, as the husky grabbed the vial of growth liquid off of her bedside table and handing it to the fox, before setting them both onto the bed between her legs. She was able to unscrew the top, and stick her head in to take a small slurp. There was more liquid in there than she could drink at this size however. It'd be a long process to fully restore her original height.

“Well, I suppose I should call a ride home. I'll want to be sitting relaxed while I do this...” But Marble would get up, passing over the fox on her bed, And giving her another look at her still uncovered rump, before turning around. She shook her head as she patted the bedsheets, and signed the word “stay”.

“Hm... Well, if you don't mind I suppose!” Marble smiled sweetly to the fox. She looked down to the pile of stuff she had pooped out, and back to the micro, signing “thank you” to her.

“Of course! It's just my job.” Serephina said, leaning into the vial to take another slurp. She had gained about an inch of height so far. The husky kneeled down, putting herself at eye level with the fox. She moved forward, giving her a soft smooch on the face! Leaving the white streaks of fur on her face blushing red when she pulled back. Waving to the nurse, before leaving the room to go back to her friends.

Serephina sat alone on the bed, her heart racing after that kiss. “Wow...” She sighed happily. “Best patient ever~”

That's it for Serephina and Marble! If you liked this series, be sure to check out some of my other vore stories.

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