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Every one of my furry vore stories is listed below. You may also click the following links to find pages of more specifically curated content.

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Party Pooper

Andrew wakes up after a halloween party, with a familiar feeling in his lower gut and unsure of where all the other guests went..

Contains: M/various vore, furry vore, mass vore, hammerspace, digestion, fatal vore, HEAVY scat and disposal

Also contains illustrations by metalgear500!

Housecall: Chapter Four

Serephina finally finds the source of her patient's belly aches, and makes it out the other end of Marble's gut.

Contains: F/F Vore, Willing Prey, Object Swallowing, Endo, Full Tour

Also contains illustrations by Kitnip!

Housecall: Chapter Three

Marble goes about her day while the nurse she swallowed slowly makes her way through her digestive system.

Contains: F/F Vore, Willing Prey, Object Swallowing, Endo, Implied Full Tour

Also contains illustrations by Kitnip!

Housecall: Chapter Two

A tiny nurse begins her job in her patient's belly, but she still has a long way to go to fix everything.

Contains: F/F Vore, Willing Prey, Object Swallowing, Endo, Implied Full Tour

Also contains illustrations by Kitnip!

Housecall: Chapter One

A fox with an affinity for eating things she shouldn't has some belly troubles, and meets a nurse and fellow vixen who will take the plunge to go through and get things moving again.

Contains: F/F Vore, Willing Prey, Object Swallowing, Endo, Implied Full Tour

Also contains illustrations by Kitnip!


A pilot on a simple scientific mission crash lands on a strange planet, and encounters a hungry blue vixen.

Contains F/F Vore, Krystal, Unwilling Prey, Digestion, Soul Digestion, Farting, Scat/Disposal


A hungry cheetah swallows a tasty looking fox, without realizing she's her roommate's girlfriend.

Contains F/F Vore, Unwilling Prey, Digestion, Object Swallowing, Belching, Romance

Hydah's Snack

An exhausted otter just wants to relax and enjoy a micro snack that was waiting at her door. But her roommate isn't going to let her rest until they've found her friend.

Contains F/M Unwilling Vore, Macro/Micro, Teasing Attempted Digestion, Full Tour, Scat/Disposal

Trick or Treat

A young cub is having the time of his life dressed as a candycorn. But he's about to run into a rhino that has a habit of eating what he shouldn't when he's drunk.

Contains M/M Unwilling Accidental Vore, Underage Prey, Unaware Predator, Digestion, Scat/Disposal, Size Difference, Clothing being passed

The Bouncer

Derek is mostly used to showing drunks the door, but sometimes the situation calls for more forceful measures.

Contains M/M Oral Vore, Unwilling Vore, Full Tour, Fairly Heavy Scat/Disposal, Flushed Prey

Billy's New Pet

Billy adopts a new pet dog and instantly falls in love. But he finds out that his parents may have been right about it being too big of a responsibility

Contains F/M oral vore, feral predator, cub prey, unwilling prey, full tour, object swallowing/passing, scat

The Giant Cow and Cassandra

Cassandra gets a job at a farm with some very unusual animals, but has no idea what she's getting herself into.

Contains F/F anal vore, F/F oral vore, feral predator, unwilling prey, digested and undigested prey, extensive scat

A Journey Through Krystal's Body

Krystal has a problem in her gut, and trusts Fox to go in and get it fixed! He thinks it'll be a quick in and out, though it may not be that simple...

Contains F/M oral vore, willing oral vore, accidental full tour, scat/disposal, macro/micro, object vore

Elephant Tours

A young cub gets the tour of a lifetime at a local zoo, and learns a little in the process.

Contains F/M oral rore, feral predator, underage prey, full tour, scat/disposal

Bovine Belly Bothers

A cow girl who inadvertently swallowed something that meant a lot to her gets a little assistance from a very helpful micro kitsune.

Contains F/F oral vore, unaware macro/micro vore, bovine pred, kitsune prey, clean full tour.

Preparing for Hibernation

A photographer finds a secluded part of the forest to get some amazing pictures. Hopefully he will keep an eye out for any dangerous creatures.

Contains M/M vore, feral predator, unwilling prey, extended endo, full tour, scat

The Princess

A vixen roleplays her damsel-in-distress fantasy with a dragon that's more than willing to act out a cruel kidnapper role.

Contains F/F vore, same size, willingly unwilling prey, digestion, implied reformation

Renamon's Constipation

Renamon eats a micro that escapes her stomach, but doesn't quite manage to escape her body.

Contains F/F vore, micro/macro, nonfatal vore, full tour, scat

The Morning After the Party

A large, carefree rhino wakes up after a party, with only the faintest memories of what occurred.

Contains M/M vore, size difference, accidental and unaware nonfatal vore, full tour, scat


Balto wants to gain some insight to his daughter's life, but gets a far more intimate look than he ever wanted.

Contains F/M oralvore, micro/macro, accidental and unaware nonfatal vore, full tour, scat

Critter Hunters

An aardwolf gets a job relocating some pesky micros. But when he's left alone, he decides to relocate them to his stomach instead.

Contains M/various oral vore, unwilling vore, multiple prey, digestion, disposal/scat, micro/macro

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