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Party Pooper

By Foxgut

M/various vore, furry vore, mass vore, hammerspace, digestion, fatal vore, heavy scat and disposal.

A commision by, and featuring the character of Andrew Dephocks. Also featuring the artwork of Metalgear500

A warning to the reader, this is quite heavy on scat, even relative to some of my filthier writing.


It was the morning after Halloween, and Andrew was just beginning to wake up. The fox felt groggy, not sleeping well after a long night of… What had happened last night?

He opened his eyes and looked around the living room. The house he was in was messy, with empty plates, orange and black confetti, and various cups of half drank alcohol strewn about, which would help explain the hangover. He had the faintest recollections of a costume party, but couldn’t figure out where everybody had gone.

“Hello?” The fox got up and started to look around. Even if most of the guests had left, he felt like there should still be somebody in the house. He held his own gut, feeling a bit of pressure from something he ate – Though he couldn’t quite remember what. It was hard to tell with his stomach, as it could hide absolutely anything from the outside impossibly well.

“Hey, is anybody still her-oh, oh boy…” A monstorous groan erupted from somewhere in his belly, as he felt an all too familiar sensation in his backside. He instinctively squatted a little, letting out a large *frrrrhhhhhht!*. Something hard burst out of his tailhole along with the noise and splatted onto the ground. Andrew looked down, and grinned as he saw the slimy, tattered remains of some poor partygoer’s wizard hat on the ground below him.

“Heh… That’s probably where you all went then.” He finally started to recall the events of the night before. How he drunkenly devoured some poor college aged trick or treater that was dressed up like food, and a bunch of other inebriated guests ended up being more impressed than terrified. The predator would go on to eat each and every one of them. He could specifically recall a promise that he would ‘let them all out in the morning.’

“Well… I guess you’re all pretty eager to get out of my guts, huh?” He chuckled and patted his belly, only getting a gurgle in response. He couldn’t be sure just how many people his digestive system had claimed, but there had to be a lot of them shifting around in his colon. His belly was still flat, but his bowels were packed to the brim and ready to be relieved.

“Alright, guess I should go ahead and dump you out.” The fox walked to the middle of the living room, kicking aside some orange streamers as he squatted down. He lifted his tail, with his gut groaning as the massive bowel movement shifted and moved near the very end.


A huge gust of wind ripped out of his backside, carrying a hot and musky scent, and a few strands of undigested fur with it. He shifted closer to the t of his body, the tip firmly dried and nearly two feet across. The snake of waste hit the ground, starting to curl up as the unbroken flow continued out of the predator's ass. A few white bits of bone were clearly visible around as his anus began to gape. First a few inches, then over a foot. The huge brown turd began to slowly ease ouoking out of the scat, including a skull, and the soiled, tattered remains of a hot dog costume that belonged to the poor student trick or treater he digested.

The pile quickly built behind him, soon becoming even larger than him. It was mixed together well enough that it was impossible to tell where one digested anthro ended and the next began, but several more skulls were pooped out. Some visible, others buried deeply in the pile. Some tufts of fur tickled on the way out, most soiled to the point where it wasn't certain what color they were originally. Sometimes a bubble of rancid gas would be stuck somewhere along it, bursting out of his tailhole as a loud fart, but the waste continued to flow out all the while.

The fox started to waddle forward while squatting, as the pile of dung behind him grew to an immense size. The party the previous night had been packed, and it showed in the waste that he was steadily squeezing out. Numerous scraps of cloth littered the sea of brown, once belonging to costumes but now mostly unrecognizable. There were still a few intact items however – A pirate hat, part of a plastic T-rex costume, and a couple of masks could still be identified. Somewhere deep in the scat pile, a faint ringing could be heard as somebody called a phone, wondering why their friend never came home last night.

In the end, it looked like Andrew had turned dozens of people into fox poop. The serpent of poop almost seemed endless, but after some minutes his colon was nearly empty. The size began to taper off, with more frequent pops and farts from the gas trapped near the very end of his bowel movement. A large wad of clothing eased past his puckered anus, with the tattered remains of a couple of police costumes - or maybe they were the real thing, it was difficult to tell - and a few more bones. Though these weren't from one of his prey, but rather a decoration he had carelessly swallowed near the end of last night's binge.

The continuous purge of last night's living dinner finally came to an end. With his intestines just about empty, the end of the massive coil finally broke away and landed with a soft thump on the carpet below. The fox sighed and set his hands on his knees, just a bit exhausted, but incredibly relieved after his huge morning dump.

But his gut wasn't quite finished yet. His belly let out a wet gurgle as his rectum contracted again. With one final *phfffrrrrrrrhhhht!*, a plastic jack-o-lantern burst out of his tailhole and clattered to the ground next to the pile, with a few pieces of unwrapped candy still inside, along with the skull of somebody he ate.

“Heh... Happy halloween~” He mused, turning back to admire the massive steaming pile of fox shit. Gently kicking the plastic pumpkin aside as he went to leave, before anybody could come discover what he did to that poor party.

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