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Housecall: Chapter Three

By Foxgut

Contains: F/F Vore, Willing Prey, Object Swallowing, Endo, Full Tour

This story contains a character and some illustrations by Kitnip, who was so kind enough to let me use some of his art here. Some of it's cropped and reduced res, so be sure to click the pictures to see the originals.

This is part 3 of a series! If you haven't seen the first two parts, click here to start your journey.

Serephina checked to make sure she still had her backpack and toolbelt securely in place as Marble’s intestines squeezed around her body, very slowly pushing her deeper into her patient’s digestive system. She already felt her legs being pushed into the first of what would be numerous twists and turns. Being shoved out of the stomach so suddenly may have been just slightly unnerving, but being gently gripped, rubbed, and moved along by the bowels was quite pleasant. Though some of her fellow shrinking workers may disagree, she always thought the full body massage was a wonderful perk of helping someone out in this way!

The inside of Marble's intestines

Within the intestines, the sounds of Marble's body were much the same as they were in the stomach. Only now she was just a bit closer to the wet gurgles caused by air moving back and forth in the tight, wet tubing. As time went on she would eventually wind up in the center of the rumbles, and then below. She could still hear the various different noises caused by all the objects scattered throughout the bowels brushing up against each other, most concentrated in that one trouble spot. She could also hear a gentle clinking coming from directly above, as that toy car and bottle cap made it out of the stomach. At least those would be two less things to worry about!

Serephina decided to take time to try and figure out exactly how far away she was from the blockage. She pulled her backpack up onto her belly, struggling just a bit to move it around the tight flesh. The fox felt Marble shudder slightly in her sleep as the bit of fabric was pressed tightly into her sensitive insides. She unzipped the top, and pulled out some laminated reference papers detailing the digestive tract and various aspects about it, including how long it took for a given thing to pass from one point to another.

The nurse spent some several minutes trying to figure out a map between where she was and where she was pretty sure the obstruction was. She kept in mind that Marble's body took roughly three times as long as average to pass something through as she flipped through the reference papers. She started to come to a realization, however. The intestines were moving her through at roughly the same speed as a regular digestive tract. That could only mean that her patient's bowels were of a longer, and radically different layout than what she knew. She wouldn't have any way of even roughly estimating how far away she was from the blockage.

The fox sighed as she began to pack the sheets back into her bag. She thought about taking out some food while she had it open, but decided to save what she had for the long journey ahead. For now, she could continue to relax, and let her patient's intestines slowly pull her along. She laid still, holding the container close to her chest as she started to patiently await the next object she might encounter...


The alarm she set on her belt had finally gone off! While the unit was intended to vibrate fairly strongly to ensure the wearer would feel it, it had obviously not been calibrated correctly. Marble woke up as she felt the strong, yet pleasant tickling in her belly, amplified by Serephina's movements as she struggled to push her bag to the side so she could switch the thing off. Her fuzzy body twisted and pushed against the tight muscles, before she finally found the button she needed. She held it down until the vibrations ceased. By then her patient was well awake, and just a bit disappointed that the buzzing inside of her sensitive flesh had disappeared.

Serephina felt the intestines shift, moving the direction of gravity from her back to her side as Marble sat up. The fox curled up a bit, embarrassed that she had woken up her patient so rudely like that. A couple seconds later she felt two strong squeezes, as the husky indicated she was listening with the stethoscope. “I'm terribly sorry about that... My alarm wasn't supposed to be that strong. I-I didn't mean to wake you, and I-” She was cut off as she felt another, gentler squeeze. It seemed to come and go in waves. The vixen figured that her host must be rubbing over her belly! She was happy that she didn't seem to mind her rude intrusion, but had no idea the husky might've actually enjoyed it!

“Well, I'm in your intestines. You're welcome to move about and go about your daily routine now! I'm glad that you haven't seemed to felt any pain in-” She was interrupted again by a familiar pained gasp, as well as a squeeze as Marble held her belly. She must have shifted whatever was inside out of that previously alright position.

“I-in a while... Don't worry though. I'll get things flowing again.” The fox said happily, trying to help keep her patient cheered up. Marble sighed happily when she heard Serephina's reassurance, patting her slightly lumpy belly before putting the stethoscope down, and standing up. She did feel like doing something now that she was refreshed by that little nap. Since the pain started, she had been somewhat reluctant to move around too much. Her nurse had seemed confident that it would be okay however... Perhaps she would go for a swim!

Taking her focus off her belly and the living being inside of it, Marble walked into her bedroom. She removed the clothes she'd hastily thrown on to greet Serephina, before going to find her swim suit. Before long she pulled out her cute, though somewhat revealing two piece. Both were bright green, almost perfectly matching the color of her maw, and the bits of flesh they would be hiding between her legs. She slid both pieces onto herself, tightening them up before glancing over her body in the mirror. The sight of her own beautiful form went a long way in helping her forget about the troubles going on in her belly! Even though she did feel another twinge of pain just then, along with another tingle as Serephina worked herself past a somewhat troublesome bend in the bowels. She glanced down to her middle, sighing happily with the knowledge her tiny occupant would make things better. She began to walk out into her back yard, and towards her diving board.

Serephina was once again resting, conserving her energy for whatever she might encounter next. She felt the gentle bouncing and swaying of her world whenever Marble took a step, but she had gotten used to such feelings. The intestines did an admirable job of holding her in place when the husky moved around, just as they would with any other food, pushing their food along even as they moved back and forth.

The nurse paid little attention as the outside movement stopped, while Marble stood still. She eeped when she was suddenly pinned to the floor of the tubing as her host jumped up, before feeling weightless as she fell back down. Then a larger jump, and a larger one, before the husky leaped off the edge of the diving board! Serephina instinctively braced herself, despite the strong muscles keeping her firmly in place even as her patient hit the water. Though the vixen was kept still, she could hear the sound of something below her shift around with the impact. Maybe the blockage had loosened, she thought! Or, maybe it had gotten worse... At least it didn't seem to be causing her patient any additional pain.

The tight fleshy tubing around the fox swayed from side to side, as the husky paddled to the other end of the pool. The refreshingly cool water really helped to put Marble at ease, as did the feeling of exercising her limbs. She took a deep breath, holding it in as she dived down deeper. She felt the weight in her belly shift around with every movement, making her wonder about Serephina's condition for just a moment. Hopefully she wasn't moving around too much for her!

Serephina was holding up okay, despite Marble being more active than she had planned for. She was busy unpacking a bottle of water to take a sip from, when she felt a dull, rounded metal edge brush the back of her legs. She looked down to see a coin lodged deeply within a fold of the bowels. The nurse tried to squirm around to get a hold on the object, while wishing she had exited the stomach head first instead. Just as the coin started to squeeze past her thighs, she managed to spin so the metal was now pressing against her front. She got a good grip on the edge, and managed to pull it up and out with only a little effort. “I wonder how much everything in you is worth.” She idly wondered to herself, as she felt a soft bounce when the husky resurfaced, while pushing the metal behind her.

Before long Serephina had fully adjusted to her more active than usual host, and all of the movements that came along with an active swimmer. Even with the intestines around her moving back and forth and up and down so much, the micro was still pushed along at the same slow but steady pace. Serephina noticed an abrupt change in the way she was oriented and swayed around, as Marble began to climb the ladder out of the pool. She checked her timer. “Nearly two hours... sixty eight more to go.”

Marble shook to get some of the excess water out of her fur as she stood before looking down at a small shark toy next to the pool. The object was a thick and heavy, though somewhat flexible plastic hunk that was just a bit larger than the vixen venturing through her digestive tract. Serephina did only ask to wait until she was out of the stomach before eating anything...

With the nurse well on her way towards her rear end, she didn't figure there would be any harm in indulging a bit! She tilted her maw upwards and held the toy just above her lips for a moment, before dropping it inside. She felt the rubber shark immediately drop partway past her throat, before she closed her jaws around the tailfin. With a single gulp she sent the smooth fish all the way down into her gullet. “Ahh~” She sighed happily as she felt the big lump move down her neck. She traced it with a finger as it vanished into her chest, before feeling it slide into her stomach.

Serephina could feel the soft bounce from above. She wouldn't have paid any attention to it, if not for an unusual gurgle that followed. It sounded like something struggling to move through some part of Marble's gut! She worried it might be one of the things she had previously cleared away...


… or just a bubble of air going up her patient's gullet after she ate something. She felt another soft push, as Marble rubbed her belly for a moment. The vixen smiled and gently rubbed some of the sensitive flesh around her. She reminded herself to try not to worry until she got to that big blockage. And she still had a long way to go...

Several uneventful hours passed by after Marble stopped swimming. She still felt a twinge of pain every so often, but whatever was causing the blockage shifted around once again so it wasn't so sharp. A small tickle could frequently be felt whenever Serephina's soft body was squished tightly against the sensitive flesh or she moved around a bit, but the Husky hadn't felt the need to try speaking to her again.

As for the nurse herself, she had little to say. She had loosened up a few coins and a marble as she came across them, but had spent most of her trip either just relaxing, or playing on the laminated Sudoku sheets she packed to pass the time as she passed through her patient's system. The fox looked at her clock and saw it read a little over 12 hours, meaning it should be close to night. The husky would probably be getting to sleep soon, and she figured she should attempt the same. She laid still, as another soft squeeze pushed her along another few millimeters, and made her head bump against some sort of flat, metal band. She started to feel over the object and past the edge, finding a smooth sheet of glass... She chuckled softly when she realized that Marble had swallowed a phone.

The intestines squeezed, pushing both her and the device a bit further. The phone was apparently not stuck like everything else the vixen had encountered so far. Marble must have swallowed it fairly recently, she figured. With a bit of struggling she climbed atop the slick glass, her front pressing down onto the hard surface as her back was squished tightly by the fleshy tube. She reached over to the other side to find the lock button, and pressed it. The plate of glass suddenly lit up! Her eyes struggled to readjust to the light after being used to the dull green bioluminescence for so long, but she could soon see that the phone was on its home screen, with a particular pink husky's gaping green maw filling the background.

The nurse looked at that familiar sight for a moment before she reached down to open the phone app, having to move quite a bit to touch the right parts of the screen. She eventually managed to fumble open the dialer, and remembering her patient's number from earlier, dialed it before hitting “video call.”

Marble was sitting on the edge of her bed, nude and about to go to sleep. She had begun thinking about the helper within her digestive tract once again, and worried about leaving her unattended for so long. Maybe she should find that stethoscope so she could hear her voice once more before going to sleep. The husky started to get up when her phone started to ring. She picked it up off her nightstand and answered, and got quite a shock when she saw that familiar face show up!

“Hello!” Serephina said cheerfully, as she tried to push against the intestine to lift her head up far enough from the camera so it could actually see her. She couldn't get a great view of the screen from her, but managed to see the husky smile and wave. “I still haven't found whatever is blocking your system... Have you still been feeling any pain?” Marble sighed and nodded in response. “I see... And has anything passed all the way through your system since I've gone inside?” Her patient, now looking a bit discouraged, shook her head. Serephina leaned in a bit closer to the camera, making her face somewhat blurry as she smiled.

“Oh, don't worry dear. I wasn't really expecting my job to be that easy.” Through the gurgles echoing through the speakerphone, Serephina's soft and soothing voice was still clear. “I promise I'm going to get to the bottom of this... Well, before I get to your bottom~” Serephina was relieved to see her small play on words help cheer up her patient, as she put a paw over her smile to give a silent giggle.

“I'm holding up alright myself. I don't think I'll have a problem making my supplies last for the whole trip.” That was of course assuming she could manage to dislodge that blockage without much delay. But she didn't see any benefit to worrying her patient with such thoughts right now. “I should get some sleep for now though. I would urge you to do the same.” The husky responded with a nod, already beginning to lay down with the phone in her hand. “Do you need to ask or tell me anything before I go?”

Marble thought for a few seconds, before she slowly mouthed the words “Be safe” to Serephina, just as she had signed them before she took her initial plunge. The vixen smiled sweetly to her. “I will be~ Goodnight!” The husky waved goodbye before Serephina started to slide off the glass and back to behind the phone. A few seconds later she managed to hit the end call button, to leave herself in squishy, gurgling solitude once more. She felt Marble shifting around, presumably getting herself tucked into bed. She decided to squirm her way past the phone, as she seemed to be moving faster than it, and didn't want to get stuck behind the thing if she didn’t have to.

Many medical workers in this line of work would say it was nearly impossible to sleep in a place such as someone's digestive tract. Serephina always found it incredibly comforting and relaxing however. While the gurgles and heartbeat were loud, they had a great calming effect on her, as though listening to the natural music of the husky's body put her fully in tune with it. The hot, slippery, fleshy walls conformed to and warmed her body better than any bed and blanket ever could. She truly enjoyed getting to rest in such a place, perhaps just a bit more than a professional should.

Serephina could hear Marble's heartbeat slow down as she drifted away from consciousness, and into a deep sleep. The vixen closed her eyes and allowed herself to do the same. It didn't take long before her patient was asleep. Soon the small fox had drifted off as well, letting out a soft snore as the bowels continued to carry her along.

Go see the exciting conclusion! Part 4 is up now.

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