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Housecall: Chapter Two

By Foxgut

Contains: F/F Vore, Willing Prey, Object Swallowing, Endo, Full Tour

This story contains a character and some illustrations by Kitnip, who was so kind enough to let me use some of his art here. Some of it's cropped and reduced res, so be sure to click the pictures to see the originals.

This is part 2 of a series! If you haven't seen the first part, click here to get caught up.

Marble felt her belly, gently pushing in to try feeling the tiny vixen inside. She had expected to feel something as the nurse moved around, but it was hard to feel much of anything but a lump. She started to get concerned that something bad had happened… It was possible that Serephina had just chosen to rest for a moment but, the husky began to look around for the stethoscope, just wanting to be sure.

Serephina was perfectly okay, just taking a few minutes to appreciate and adjust to her squishy surroundings before starting to explore. She sat cross-legged, in a pool of mucus and acid that just reached the tops of her knees. The stomach was very calm for the moment, not churning Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, allowing her to look around the dimly lit green stomach. She could already spot the outline of several indigestible objects. A bunch of glass marbles that softly clacked when she shifted, and a coin tucked into the corner. It all looked very loose though, and was certainly not the source of the blockage.

The inside of Marble's stomach is green, and several loose marbles and a coin are sitting on the bottom.

She looked up, and saw a small toy car, suspended a bit off the floor of the gut and firmly trapped in the flesh, along with a bottle cap stuck near the ceiling. They didn’t seem to be what was causing her pain, but it would be a good idea to get it out of there just the same.

The nurse pulled her headlamp out of her backpack, sliding over her ears and turning it on. She started to gently scoot herself up out of the slimy pool, up the gentle incline towards the other end of the stomach, when two firm squeezes knocked her back! She thought that the fleshy pit might've started to churn, but quickly remembered that was supposed to be a signal. “I'm okay!” She said loudly, to make sure the stethoscope would pick up her voice. She could hear a soft, relieved sigh from up above. “There's not a whole lot going on in your stomach. Give me a half hour at most, and I'll be in your intestines.” The stomach gently squeezed once more as the husky tapped on the bulge, to acknowledge the tiny person within.

Serephina began to climb up the gentle but incredibly slippery slope once again. A thin film of goo rose out of the pool with her, clinging to her sides and fanning out almost like a skirt, before she was able to break it away. She sat down in the center of the stomach, facing the small toy car. She carefully looked it over, observing that it didn't appear to be pinching or at risk of puncturing the flesh. Judging by how worn the paint was, it seemed to have been stuck there for quite a while. It certainly wasn't the cause of the blockage, and it could probably stay indefinitely without causing any problems... Still, she figured she should remove it, just to be safe.

The vixen pushed her arms down between the car and stomach walls, trying to pry the folds of flesh open enough to allow the metal toy to fall loose. She strained herself just a bit, fighting against the tight hold against the car, while trying to not let herself slip away. She was able to push just enough that she could pull the object out, if only she had a free arm...

The nurse started to think on how she could actually get the thing out, when Marble's gut decided to churn its contents around! Serephina was knocked back, along with the tiny scale model of what appeared to be a Reliant Robin. The car landed with a plop in the sticky pool of slime, sinking to the bottom, while Serephina landed on her back and floated. She took a moment to relax, and enjoy the feel of the warm, viscous fluid that supported her. Serephina stared up at the sphincter that had let her through earlier, taking a moment to rest and think. She would have to work to free up numerous other objects along the way... That in itself would be a daunting challenge, before she even got to trying to fix the main blockage.

“Well... better get to work.” She mumbled, as she tried to sit up. Her rump and legs quickly started to sink, causing her to fall forward face first into the goo with a splat! She sputtered as she spread herself out to lay down once more, this time using her feet to push off against the far end of the stomach, and start back up the small but slippery slope. She used her hands to try and pull herself a bit faster, but quickly gave up when she realized she was gaining zero additional traction on the slimy flesh.

Serephina soon found herself laying in roughly the same spot as before. She glanced to the deep fold that she pulled the toy out earlier, checking to make sure she hadn't damaged anything. Satisfied that there were no apparent scratches or punctures, she sat up, focusing her attention on the bottle cap lodged in the ceiling of the stomach. The paint on this object was also quite worn down, though she could still just make out what appeared to be a Pepsi logo... An older one, in fact.

The bottlecap wasn't lodged nearly as deep as the car, but its many sharp ridges had apparently been stuck deep enough for it to become stuck all the same. The rim was apparently not pressing hard enough to cause Marble's stretchy stomach any irritation, but she was still concerned about pushing or pulling it the wrong way. The very last thing she wanted to do was make her patient have to go get surgery anyways, before she even got to the main problem.

The nurse examined the round object closely, while being very careful to not slip away with the churning of the husky's stomach. She could see that only one half of the bottle cap seemed stuck. If she was careful, she could just tug on the free end to slide the metal right out! She reached up to grasp the slimy rim, and start attempting to pull it down. She slowly pulled harder, grunting as she tried her best to free up the stubborn object! The fox shut her eyes as she strained, before she happened to glance down... She sighed as she realized she had lifted her feet right up off the surface of the stomach, and put herself into a ball. The vixen might have relatively great upper strength at this size, but she simply didn't have the weight she needed to pull that bottle cap down.

Serephina remained clinging to the object for a couple of moments as she tried to think of what to do. She could try to swing back and forth to dislodge the metal, but was afraid doing so might cause it to pull out at a weird, potentially damaging angle. She might be able to use that toy car as some sort of wedge, but wasn't sure she had the strength to lift it up that far. There was of course the option of simply leaving it there. It didn't seem to be hurting anything sitting where it was.

Without warning, Serephina suddenly felt the stomach begin to tip onto its side! Marble had decided to lay down until the nurse finished up inside of her stomach. The fox instinctively clung to the bottle cap, even though it was only a short, cushioned fall to the far end of the stomach. With her weight pulling on it, the metal had partially dislodged... The toy car falling and hitting her was enough to pull it all the way out. In less than a second, everything had already settled down. The husky remained blissfully unaware of Serephina's shock, only feeling the weight in her belly shift around slightly as her occupant was tossed around.

The well trained and experienced vixen was able to quickly recover from being knocked around, finding herself sitting in a slightly awkward position with both her torso and legs facing upward, and her rump seated right on the duodenum leading to the intestines. She took a deep breath as she glanced down, realizing she was still holding the bottle cap! Concerned about having left a mark, she looked back up to the roof of the stomach, thankful to find no apparent damage to the mucus-coated flesh.

She took a look at the timer built into her belt, sighing when she saw it flash 0:26. “Only sixty nine and a half hours to go...” She still had a very long journey ahead of her. There was little reason to rush, especially since her patient hadn't seemed to have felt any pain for a while. In fact, she could hear Marble snoring softly! Perhaps she could afford a quick rest before continuing on. She started to shift herself into a more comfortable position, eventually settling on getting to her feet, and leaning against a sloped wall of the gut. There she would just relax, and enjoy the feel of the stomach gently churning around her. The sounds of the husky's heart and lungs above and her intestines below left her in a tranquil state. She set an alarm on her timer, before started to close her eyes, letting the gentle noises and movements lull her to sleep.

For a bit over a half hour, the situation was uneventful. The blockage in Marble's intestines had shifted around enough to quell the pain enough so she could sleep through it. The path was still very well blocked however, whatever was lodged inside unmoving under the ever mounting pressure. Serephina intended to get down there fairly quickly, and had set her timer accordingly. In roughly twenty five minutes, her belt would vibrate so she could wake up.

In fact, the husky's digestive tract would awaken its guest much sooner. The stomach had decided that the fox had been inside long enough, and started to squeeze her down! She woke up with the slippery flesh of the stomach squeezing most of her, and the toy car and bottle cap pushing into the rest. The sphincter underneath her feet gave way, allowing her feet and legs to be squeezed down into the intestines! Despite the flurry of activity happening within seconds of being jolted awake, she was able to make herself remain calm, and mostly still. It was her goal to get deeper, after all. Besides, she knew that the digestive tract was fully capable of pushing her anyways. At best, struggling against such a thing would be a wasted effort. At worst, she could seriously cripple herself, or worse. The nurse did however make some effort to keep the car out of the way, preferring for it to enter the bowels after her, rather than at the same time.

Marble remained sound asleep, though she moved a bit as she felt a tickle and gentle pressure when Serephina was expelled from her stomach. She reached down to gently rub the small lump in her upper belly. A loud, wet gurgle erupted as the pool of liquid around the vixen, as well as some bits of air, slid down the duodenum with her. The tiny fox felt the squeeze of the husky's paw as her hips were pushed down into the tight tunnel. She was still somewhat on edge from being forced down so suddenly, though the feel of being rubbed and massaged by the intestines did calm her somewhat. Soon she felt her own belly sinking past the tight fleshy ring Her backpack squeezed down into her fur as her chest exited the stomach. She glanced upwards to take one last look at the stomach, before her head finally vanished into the husky's lower plumbing, on her way to get her patient’s digestive system working again.

Check out what happens over at part three!!

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