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A Proposal Gone Wrong

How I Ended Up Inside My Girlfriend: The Bad Ending

By Foxgut

Contains F/M Oral Vore, Accidental Object Swallowing, Unaware Pred, Digestion, Scat/Disposal

Note: This is the ALTERNATE ending! If you want to see the canonical end where our brave gut diver makes it out in one piece, check out the other version.

“Uh yes, we’ll start with a bottle of the champagne.” Milo the mouse said softly to the waiter at their table.

“And some wings!” Jade the coyote chimed in eagerly.

“Erm… I’m afraid we don’t serve buffalo wings.” The waiter responded to the coyote, eyeing her torn denim jacket worn over a graphic tee shirt that didn’t quite cover her chubby belly. She was by far the most underdressed person in the restaurant, a fact that made her stand out all the more from her tall and bulky stature. It was possible she hadn’t been turned away in the first place simply because she looked so intimidating.

“Well crap. Fine then, I’ll have the, uh…” She took a moment to glance at the menu. “Chicken tenders. Oh, and bread sticks!” Derick couldn’t help but stifle a chuckle at the exchange. He loved Jade’s free and sometimes crass spirit.

“I still need a minute to decide.” The mouse said before the waiter walked away. He looked back to Jade, smiling and letting out a deeply contented sigh.

“I hope he comes back soon. I’m so hungry I could fit just about anything down into my guts right now!” Jade leaned back in her chair and stretched, before immediately pulling out her phone and getting distracted by it. but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he was happy that she seemed completely unaware of what he was planning on asking.

“So uh, things are going well at work.” The smaller mouse spoke up. Jade took note, setting her phone down to listen. “We’ve finally got the matter de-duplicator past the fifty percent mark. The matter restoration module is still a challenge, but the other team is so close to solving it. Our test materials, test organisms, all of them, we can safely reduce them to below half their original mass, and we know that soon we’ll be able to restore them to their original state! There’s still validation work that needs to be done, but so far…”

Jade nodded as though she understood. Truthfully she didn’t understand a lot of her boyfriend’s work, but she knew it meant a lot to him and made a best effort to listen. She loved to hear how passionate he was about his interests, even if some would call him a bit rambly.

“… a-and the applications are endless! The company already wants to market to the shipping industry. There are billions, maybe trillions that can be saved in transit costs alone. Not to mention the environmental benefits of…” He trailed off as he saw the waiter returning with their wine.

“Oh! I uh, left my wallet in my car. Jade, go get it for us, pretty please?” The mouse said as he handed over his keychain. She took the keychain and mumbled an “mmhmm!”, running off as the wine and two glasses were set on the table. Milo waited until the coyote was out the door, and reached into his pocket to pull out a small black box. Inside was a gorgeous, large diamond ring.

The mouse looked over the ring for a moment before he set it in one of the glasses. He poured wine on top of it and reached out to set it on the opposite side of the table, before pouring a glass for himself. He looked at it for a moment, and took a big sip of it before topping it off again and sitting back down as patiently as he could. He could feel his heart nearly beat out of his chest as he thought about what to say. He spent hours rehearsing his proposal in his head, but it all seemed to vanish in a flurry of excitement and anxiety. He didn’t even notice Jade sit back down across from him until she spoke.

“Soooo I couldn’t find your wallet.” She said, sounding dejected. “I guess we could just ditch and head home. Maybe after we finish off that booze.”

“O-oh, I found it! I, um, uh…” He chuckled nervously, adjusting his glasses as he tried to find his words.

“Jade, I… I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent with you. You’re not like… I mean you’re so different than anybody else I’ve met. You’ve got such a wild spirit, and I…” He paused for a moment to take a sip of his wine, doing his best to keep it moderate.

Infatuated by the sudden outpouring of emotion, she watched intently as Milo continued on. “I feel so alive around you. I love the way I feel when I’m near you. And I… I…” He trailed off again as she lifted up the glass to take a sip.

Only, it wasn’t just a sip. Jade opened her maw and tossed back the entire glass. Milo could see a small glimmer toward the back of her throat before she gulped, and swallowed the alcohol and the ring. She smiled, so focused on him that she didn’t seem to notice the lump of metal travelling down her gullet, and into the depths of her body.

“I… uh…” The excitement vanished, replaced by pure paralyzing anxiety. Jade for her part continued to smile and watch him, unaware that a month’s worth of his salary was stewing inside of her stomach. Milo wasn’t worried about that cost, but that he had just ruined his attempt to propose! Should he fess up and get her to try and cough it up? He couldn’t bear that embarrassment. He didn’t well like the idea of saying nothing and letting it get flushed either. Or explaining himself if she happened to notice when she used the bathroom. Would it even pass through at all?

Jade started to pick up on his worse than usual anxiety, but was quickly distracted as the waiter set down both the breadsticks and chicken tenders. Her stomach gurgled loudly enough for them both to hear as she looked down at it all, while she scooped up one of each and stuffed them into her maw.

“And have you decided, sir?” The waiter asked the mouse.

“O-oh, yeah… just the salad, thank you. And another bottle of champagne.”

Over the evening the coyote devoured the breadsticks, chicken tenders, plus another plate of each, while the mouse hardly touched his salad. He did drink plenty of the champagne, about keeping pace with his girlfriend. By the time the check came she was drunk, but the smaller lightweight mouse was about ready to fall out of his seat. He normally would’ve been their designated driver, but instead they ordered a ride home, even though Jade insisted she probably could’ve gotten them home okay.

*Buuurrrrrhhhhhhaaaap!* Jade let out a wet, ear splitting belch as they walked into their house. “Phew, I held that in for nearly an hour…” Milo stumbled in behind her, his brain sufficiently dulled to mostly drown out the anxiety.

“My gut’s stuffed. I’m gonna go sleep this off…” She took off her denim jacket and jeans and let them drop where she walked, as she slid back to the bedroom. Milo sulked back to the couch, unable to bring himself to lay with what was supposed to be his fiancée. He stared at the messy coffee table that had become his makeshift work from home office, containing his laptop and a variety of electronic equipment.

“Fucked it all up…” He mumbled. “Just a simple fucking engagement. I gotta tell her the ring’s going to come out. Can’t let it get lost…” His money wouldn’t be tight forever, but he knew it was now. If only the company he worked for could hurry up and finalize the matter de-duplicator.

Through his drunken stupor he had a moment of eureka. He looked to a small, unassuming slab of metal on his desk. It was prototype of the de-duplicator he had been fine tuning. The unit looked similar to a modern bathroom scale, with a cord running to his laptop, and a pipe leading to a small unmarked fluid tank. He set the slab on the ground, and started to type some commands into a shell prompt. After several mistypes he successfully started the script that would control the unit, and entered what he hoped were correct parameters. He threw off his clothes and stood still on the pad as a countdown appeared on the screen, waiting…

When the count reached zero, there was little indication anything was happening at first. He began to feel a tingly sensation over his body. Then a trickling could be heard flowing towards the tank. The device was extracting matter out of his body, effectively shrinking him, and taking away the excess waste mass.

Several minutes passed while the mouse focused on not stumbling off of the device. He realized this may have been a reckless decision. The test organisms back at the lab survived the process fine, but it had never been tested on a relatively large, sentient being before. Nonetheless after a few minutes the command line read “Deduplication Successful” along with a page full of data, including “Final Height: 76 Centimetres (2’ 6”)”.

The mouse stumbled off the pad, finally falling down as he tried to reorient himself. He laid on his back as the now giant living room spun around him, having only a slight inkling that he might have made a mistake. Nonetheless he picked himself up, and walked over to the bedroom.

Jade was already sprawled out in bed, snoring, and dressed only in her panties and the same band graphic t-shirt that was too small. Her stomach rumbled as it shoved around the solid, semi solid, and liquid masses from her dinner. Milo just managed to climb onto the bed, and took a moment to look at her gut. Surely all he had to do was climb down, find the shiny ring that was being tossed around the inside of her noisy gut, and climb back out. Then he could reattempt the proposal, and they could live happily ever after.

He wondered how he’d get back out, and realized the answer as he glanced to the bedside table. Jade loved to practice bondage on him, and even still had a length of hemp rope sitting right on top. He tried to remember how she made the fancy harnesses on his body, but settled on simply tying a loop around his waist. He tied the other end around the table itself, putting a single loop around the top portion of it.

Finally, he looked at the coyote’s maw. He tried to peer down inside the darkness, just in time for a soft *urrrrp!* to slide out of her throat and hit him in the face. Unphased, he took a deep breath and tried to push his way in. The upper half of his body just about fit between the predator’s jaws, while his face pressed against the back of her throat. He tensed when he felt Jade’s tongue begin to move over his body, while the jaws tightened to just start to press her sharp teeth down near his waist. He panicked, wondering if she would gag, or choke, or try to bite down instinctively.

In her sleep she seemed to simply begin to slurp, before gulping hard. He winced as his head was shoved down the tight esophagus, followed by his shoulders. The peristalsis took hold, and the muscles in the gullet dragged him deeper into the dark, slimy abyss. The sounds of her stomach at work were much louder within, and as his body moved towards it he began to wonder if this drunken idea was really something he should have attempted. He tried to take in a breath, and began to cough as he got a whiff of vomit mixed with chicken, ranch, and expensive wine. For Jade’s part she seemed completely unphased as her lover’s body passed through her throat to become a large lump in her neck, and then her chest, sealing him inside as he travelled towards her belly.

The contractions of the gullet continued until his head came up against a wall. The sphincter leading into the stomach held tight for a moment, until another contraction pushed his head through and face first into the muck. The unaware predator didn’t stir even as her pudgy gut bulged out and gurgled with the addition of her tiny boyfriend. *Buurrrrrrrhhhp!* She let out a mighty wet belch in her sleep, seemingly unbothered by either her stuffed gut, nor the rope strung down her throat and through her gullet.

Milo fought to get oriented and sit upright in the dark stomach. The outside wobbled and stretched, but the best he could manage was to sit sideways, with his head barely above the sludge. The wet walls clamped down, trying to force him tighter into a fetal position. He started to feel around for any hint of the ring, swishing his arms around the digesting slurry for anything solid. All he could find were half chewed bits of chicken within the liquid. He felt nauseous as he breathed the acrid air. Even though Jade tended to not hold back whenever she needed to let gas out of either end near him, it was still a little much to be stewing in the source of it.

Several minutes passed. The stomach massaged and kneaded his soaked fur, working the digestive enzymes into his body. Being effectively blind he couldn’t tell what he was doing as he felt around, but he was sure he didn’t feel any lumps of metal. The smell and stress seemed to be giving him some clarity through his drunken state, and he began to reflect that this may have been an awful idea. Jade would be furious if she awoke like this, he figured. Not to mention he was aware of what her digestive system was capable of doing, even to people much larger than he had been before. He decided to cut his losses, and began to pull on the rope.

He kept pulling the rope for some time. Jade didn’t stir as more of the rough help fibers slid down her gullet. Eventually the mouse felt the slack tighten a bit. This was it! He grabbed on tightly, and after a few failed attempts to grip the saliva and stomach sludge soaked rope, managed to hold on tightly to start to pull himself back up the esophagus. He started to work his hands back up out of the stomach, and his wrists.

Suddenly he fell back, as the rope pulled away from the end stand. There hadn’t been any lip to stop it from moving up and off the table, and so it had simply pulled away. Milo panicked and started to pull on the rope again, pulling more of it down past the coyote’s lips. His panic subsided a bit when he felt the rope tighten a bit again, but suddenly Jade began to cough. It was the only time in this drunken endeavor that she showed any sign of distress. Unsure of what to do he kept pulling. The rope was not slack but it also wasn’t firmly anchored, and he tugged it slowly down, hoping it would ultimately grab onto something secure.

Abruptly the other end of the rope popped in, completely detached from anything else. Realizing that he had lost his life line, he began to panic, squirm, and call out.

“Jade! Jade, wake up!” He screamed as he tried to press himself back up the gullet. Her gut wobbled and groaned as he moved, but she seemed to still be sound asleep as her lover fought for his life. He couldn’t even get an entire hand back up her esophagus without that rope, and was left to flail wildly. The stomach only seemed to get more active as he squirmed, gurgling louder while fresh enzymes seeped in to help digest the addition to her dinner. “J-Jade! Please, wake up! I don’t want to… I d-don’t want to…”

*Phfrrrrrrt!* The mouse was about to break down in hysterics when he heard a noise from the predator’s backside. An escape down the bowels would be a long, putrid, even traumatizing journey. Yet it was obvious that if she didn’t wake up he was going to end up being crapped out anyways. At least if he squirmed down on purpose, he’d have a chance of being intact and alive when that time came. He struggled to reorient himself in the gut, until he faced the opposite end. He stuck a hand down her duodenum, trying to force it open so he could wiggle his way in. Try as he might he couldn’t even get a paw down into the intestines. He tried to shove down and pull the entrance open with his other paw, but it quickly became clear it wouldn’t accept something as large and solid as him.

“Jade… Please…” The mouse whimpered, squirming, and trying to throw himself into the walls of the gut to get her attention. He had used most of his strength, and was quickly losing hope as he felt his skin begin to tingle and itch while the digestive fluids worked at his body. The uncaring stomach churned and squeezed, kneading over every inch of his body as it slowly digested him.”


As the night ticked away, the stomach would ultimately claim the poor mouse’s life. First his body softened, then it started to break down into smaller, gooey chunks. The coyote’s belly flattened a little, but still bulged considerably with his liquefied mass sloshing and churning around inside. Eventually the only solid bits left were his bones and fur, which were readily accepted by the bowels. They further refined and broke down the sludge, absorbing anything of use to the predator and only leaving behind waste. Soon Milo’s liquefied, used remains would pile into the colon, being solidified and packed into Jade’s rectum as the morning approached.”


Jade’s eyes opened to her sunlit bedroom, as she felt an intense urge to relieve herself. She shut her eyes again as her bloated gut rumbled, trying to ignore the sensation of her bowels shifting around.

“Ugh… I know I didn’t eat that much.” She mumbled, pulling a pillow over her eyes as she hoped the pressure in her colon would subside. Instead, it persisted before growing even stronger. Her gut gurgled wetly as she tried to bear the bloated feeling. She shifted a bit to let out a small fart to try and relieve the pressure, but it did little to relieve the sensation of her colon being absolutely packed full. When she realized she was having to clench to stop anything from coming out, she finally gave in and crawled out of bed. The coyote felt tired and heavy as she stumbled into the bathroom. She slid her black panties down and plopped down onto the toilet.


A loud fart managed to escape as her bowels shifted, echoing off the porcelain. She realized then that she didn’t close the door, and just hoped her boyfriend wasn’t awake yet as she spread her legs and tried to poop.

For how badly she had felt the urge to defecate, she expected whatever was inside to slide out easily. Instead after a few seconds she began to push, but only managed to expel more gas from her tailhole. She gently felt over her belly, and realized it was noticeably bulging out.

“The fuck…” She mumbled, racking her brain to try and remember what she ate. All she could remember was the restaurant food from last night, and her digestive system shouldn’t have had any trouble with that! It certainly shouldn’t have made her look like she was carrying pups. She pressed down on her belly, keeping her legs spread as she leaned back on the toilet bowl. Her anus began to bulge, revealing the tip of a massive brown log.

She took a deep breath, continuing to push. It took much more effort than she was used to, but she didn’t actually feel any pain from her tailhole stretching this wide. Soon the hole was the size of a fist, then twice that as whatever was in her guts emerged. The bones and bits of fur sticking out felt a bit unusual, but she didn’t recognize them as such as they brushed against her anus. Finally, the fleshy sphincter was past the widest point of the object inside, and with all the other efforts the rest of the turd effortlessly slid out of her body. She gasped as all that mass glided out within a couple of seconds, then sighed with deep relief as one last massive bubble of gas ripped out behind it.

“… fuck, yes.” She mumbled, relaxing basking in the great relief she felt from expelling all of that waste from her colon at once. Her guts continued to rumble as they resettled inside of her. If she had bothered to look inside of the bowl she would’ve seen the telltale signs that some living thing had been destroyed by her insides, though it wouldn’t have been immediately obvious who it was. Her boyfriend and fiancé was reduced to little more than a huge lump of coyote poop, speckled with some bones and some fur.

She was about to get up when she felt her bowels rumble again. She shifted on the toilet seat a bit before one final *Phffffaaaaaarrrrt!* echoed off the porcelain, and carried with it a slimy chunk that was the ring she’d swallowed.

Satisfied that she was empty, Jade flushed the toilet and got up, while any evidence of her boyfriend’s demise was swept down into the sewers. It seemed Milo would never have the chance to re-attempt his proposal.

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